Невен ( Calendula Officinalis )

Internal uses: It has been used for gastritis, bile production, digestion, painful menstruation, amenorrhea, Candida albicans (or thrush), varicose veins, beneficial for inflamed and ulcerated conditions. Other uses: cancer, colitis, anemia, fevers and conjunctivitis. External uses: The flowers make an excellent poultice or compress for burns, scalds, stings, impetigo, varicose veins, ear and eye infections, chilblains and eruptive skin diseases. Other uses include: acne, chicken pox, measles, frostbite, sprains, poison oak and ivy, breastfeed support and sore nipples. You can order Calendula from our online shop. . . . → Read More: Невен ( Calendula Officinalis )