Eurasian smoketree ( Cotinus coggygria )

The Eurasian smoketree or smoke tree Cotinus coggygria, syn. Rhus cotinus is native to a large area from southern Europe, east across central Asia and the Himalaya to northern China. It is a multiple-branching shrub growing to 5-7 m tall with an open, spreading, irregular habit, only rarely forming a small tree. The leaves are 3-8 cm long, rounded oval, green with a waxy glaucous sheen. The autumn colour can be strikingly varied, from peach and yellow to scarlet. The flowers are numerous, produced in large inflorescences 15-30 cm long; each flower 5-10 mm diameter, with five pale yellow petals. Most of the flowers in each inflorethat do developscence abort, elongating into yellowish-pink to pinkish-purple feathery plumes, which surround the small 2-3 mm drupaceous fruit that do develop.

Usable part: Use the leaves (Folia Cotyni)

Chemical Composition: Contains 15 – 20% Gallo tannins, 3 -5% free gallic acid flavonolovi glycosides and essential oil with a pleasant smell.

Action: astringent, anti-inflammatory and styptic.

Application: Recommended for purulent skin rashes, sores, boils, sweating of the feet, hair ruffled, bleeding, swollen and festering gums, hemorrhoids, joint swelling, etc..

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